What are Backlinks in SEO and Why Backlinks are Important?

Backlinks are the links from one website to another website. If someone links to your website then you get a backlink from them. In same way, if you link to another website then they get a backlink from you. Backlinks are also known as Incoming Links or inbound links. Backlinks are very important in SEO. High quality backlinks come from trusted and authoritative websites.

There are 2 types of Links: Dofollow and Nofollow

Dofollow Links – Dofollow is the default state of a link. In other words, any link without Nofollow attribute (rel=“nofollow”) is a Dofollow link. Dofollow links affect the search engine rankings.

Nofollow  Links– Nofollow links include a code (rel=“nofollow”) is called an attribute that lets search engine bots know not to follow the link. Nofollow links do not affect your website’s ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). 

Importance of Backlinks

Backlinks are important for SEO because backlinks help to increase traffic, build credibility and improve the ranking of your website on Google. Backlinks are very valuable for SEO as they help your website rank higher in SERPs. If you are looking to leverage link building techniques then increase the organic traffic. If you want to build high quality backlinks start building backlinks from high domain authority sites that are relevant to your niche. Focus on quality content to build high quality backlinks for your website. Content is one of the most important ranking factors. Earlier quality of inbound links did not matter so much. After Google Penguin Algorithm, it changed everything about link building. NowGoogle focuses on quality and relevancy of links, not just quantity of links. Instead of analyzing the content of a webpage, now Google looked at how many people linked to that webpage. Backlinks are very important to Google, in fact it’s almost impossible for Google to rank any website which has no backlinks, no matter how great the content on your web pages.

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